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Real Estate tax reductions

Note: Real Estate Appraisal Services and Tax Reduction Services CANNOT be combined.

    We are your solution for Real Estate Tax Reduction Services. We have a success rate of 95% in the grievance process. We personally escort your case from the initial consultation, valuation, N.Y.S. application, and the presentation to the Assessment Board of Review where we also arbitrate on your behalf.


     Because of the current economic climate, the municipalities are fighting for every dollar. No case is easy, even if it appears to be. The assessment boards are fighting  like never before. (If your application is denied, we also file an appeal with The Westchester County Supreme Court with no additional charges). That is why it is important to have a team with 30+ years of experience representing you


   Municipalities base your taxes on the property's market value.  Taxes have increased in proportion to the high appreciation rate of the past real estate boom. However, if your home's value may have decreased, the municipalities leave it up to the property owner to initiate the grievance process. 

    In a perfect world, based on your property's lower value,  the municipality would take it upon themselves to lower your taxes. Well, we're not there unless you begin to fight  for what rightfully belongs  to you,  not only  will your taxes not be lowered,  they may actually increase. Please feel free to call, email or text any questions you may have and we will respond right away!


To Work, (or) to Fight; We Are Ready

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