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Anthony sarro

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Federally approved by FHA/HUD & NYS State Certified and insured. Mr. Sarro began his Real Estate career in 1984 and has since acquired an extensive education in underwriting and property valuations. White contracted by the underwriting company, The Clayton Group, Mr. Sarro provided national review appraisal services for loan pool transactions. Additionally, as an extension of this capacity, Mr. Sarro had been selected to develop a standard review form for Freddie-Mac collateralized loan pool sales and purchases. Approved for appraisal services by over 100 lending institutions and government agencies including; Citibank/CitiGroup, The Bank of New York, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Grenwich Capital, H.S.B.C Bank USA, and government agencies that include The Westchester County Department of Planning and The New York City Department of Real Estate Acquisition.

legal services provided by

Mark J. Sarro, Esq.

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